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On our online auction platform TAKE-IT Auktionen we work throughout Austria, even with our own fixed locations.

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Find auctions, auctions as well as recycling of warehouse clearances, evictions, flea market goods, tested and unchecked returned goods, goods of group A, B and C, remaining stock, pallet goods, gastronomy and many other business liquidations, insolvencies and bankruptcies from many industries.

Our assortment consists of design furniture, antique furniture, baroque articles, art nouveau, multimedia, tools, toys, garden furniture, interior and exterior decoration, cars, vehicles, motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and many more from well-known brands.

We are also happy to post your goods on our platform for auction, send us an inquiry if you are interested, 
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Standort: 2111 Tresdorf
25.09.2023 - 10:00
00T 13h:37m:40s
Konkurs Verwertung MMS Elektro Teil 1 Büroausstattung, Elektroartikel
04.10.2023 - 10:00
09T 13h:37m:40s
Konkurs Verwertung MMS Elektro Teil 2 Lagerware, Werkzeug
09.10.2023 - 10:00
14T 13h:37m:40s
10.10.2023 - 17:00
15T 20h:37m:40s
MMS electrical recycling stock items, HP plotters, printers...
11.10.2023 - 10:00
16T 13h:37m:40s
Großposten Fliegenschutz
16.10.2023 - 09:00
21T 12h:37m:40s

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30.01.2024 - 09:00

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Standort: 2111 Tresdorf